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I beg you to watch this, it is without doubt what is happening. Currency collapse, new world order,

Catherine Austin Fitts | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown

No purpose no life. Insecurity in Zombies

99% of the people in the world, what they are? No sense no purpose. 

There is not a single thought that is their own. You've met them, they're all around you, they can easily be replaced by a television screen and you'll be getting the same output of information. They're exists in this synthetic playground we call "Earth" and is allowed to reign (because this is a consensus-based, aka, FAKE reality which is superimposed over -real- reality). The second people collectively decide to no longer obey government mandates, etc, is the second this illusion of control collapses. 

But why is it allowed to exist in the first place?

Because of these NPCs.

And these NPCs around you (pretending to be "human") are its spawn. They're the mega-corporation-lovers and apologists. 

MOST (over 99 percent of) PEOPLE of this world are ACTUALLY (and not just functionally) NPCs

Q&A with Laura Knight-Jadczyk -- Organic Portals

The stawk market or any trend would not exist due to NPC. Tik Tok, Facebook, and all social media otherwise wouldn’t exist! No single thought their own! They gather to do silly things and see who can be more silly. Even the scams on them are just so hypnotic. You have to worry about these zombies and worry hard.