USA hits back, all passengers on UKRAINE flight dead in IRAN, once someone trying to take off. The Situation is escalating on the ground, Iran Responds to America for the death of the general in which blast even key man of Hezbollah was taken out, a massive loss to Iran's Military power, all roads to diplomacy are finished, allied forces are been prepared for further escalation into World War.

Lets all fight and buy war bonds.

This attack escalation and a start of a new world war is akin to a republican president who in his first term creates a new battle ground front in the never ending wars, such a move occurred in the year 2003, with the very first attack on Saddam in Iraq, the consequences of which was a massive dollar dump. Some reviews of whats to come. 

1. Predictions. 
2. Prophecy of General Wesley Clark. 

The story continues. 

USA hit back already just now short while ago.

Trump tweets all is well; 

He should not rub it in further. 

He may want to tweet and laugh at them, there is no casualty. 

Iran needs to strike something to calm their supporters otherwise may be toppled.

Based on his habit, he will tweet and make things worse

See General wesley Clark

Iran claimed to have killed 80 people in Iraqi US bases

If 80 American death, rouhani will be gaddafi/Saddam - dead duck walking.

Iran recorded the missile flight to air in local tv

Need to appease the ppl without triggering war which usa will wipe them out

Whatever they do, don’t kill civilians. Just wipe out the ballistic missiles then Iranian leader has to negotiate a peace deal. 

Trump pulled out the strike last year when it was reported there would be civilians casualty since this Soleimani is in Iran ground. 

He should follow thru not to cause civilian death. 

Didn’t strike him last year, he went on to bomb aramco oil fields.

If they hit cultural and historical sites, that’s a war crime

Maybe keep missiles in mosque

Donald J. Trump on Twitter

Iran releases video of missile attack on US bases in Iraq

Special Report: Iran attacks U.S. military base in Iraq

Predictions from October 2018 for 2019-2021 time frame cycles.

General Clark on the Iraq Invasion | American War Generals

Iran 'revenge' operation sees US bases attacked with 'ballistic missiles' | ABC News

Ukrainian Plane Goes Down In Iran | All passengers dead.

we are going to war bro, Six b52 bomber stationed nearby. Diego Garcia.

we are going to war bro, Six b52 bomber stationed nearby. Diego Garcia.

Footage appearing to show Ukrainian passenger jet crashing broadcast on Iran state TV