Coronavirus Concerns; Are Governments Spooking Us?
This is at center of Macau #coronavirus #macau video send by filipe, Mathew send in another video from China showing empty streets, while governments themselves been reactionary are contributing to the panic, face masks and alcohol been sold out, even food shelfs now appearing empty, doomsday preppers seem to be in balance.

This is at center of Macau

Received, 6th Feb 2020. Despite what governments or Main Stream Media want to tell us, the panic created is due to their silence on matters how they stand and the reactionary steps they undertake. 

Mathew of Adiwarna send in some videos, showing streets empty all over.

Like many travellers now stuck in China, figuring out how to get out.

A Chinese recovered in Seoul.

A Chinese recovered in Seoul.

Its important:

Its important global leaders grow some balls and come upfront and forth right about what are the causes of the Coronavirus leaks from highly secure lab and how come the same lab is attempting an patent first before advising the validity of the vaccine, for all one knows a vaccine now is big business. 

Its also noteworthy to note, Glaxo Smithkline activities in the past SARS virus and their subsequent fines they paid for their highly corruptive behavior in the past virus scare. 


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