Billions of locusts threaten food security in East Africa and Asia.

25th Jan 2020; Billions of locusts threaten food security in East Africa | DW News

jimmy; Rice 🍚 shortfall is coming next.

After queueing for mask and toilet paper, rice will be next hot item. 

Locust flight path is going Bangla Myanmar Thailand and Vietnam. 

Paddy field will be emptied overnight like the horror movie you watch,

They won’t u turn back to Africa after visiting India.

Historically, they have never visited motherland, unless this year is Xi bad year

Then tough year ahead for asia. North gets hit by coruna. South gets locus!

Let’s monitor their flight path. 

They would enjoy their visit to Thailand and Vietnam. Snapwire 

Expert says This swamp can grow 500 times bigger from their maiden flight.

If they didn’t fly southwards to Myanmar Thailand Vietnam, they may fly north straight to China 🇨🇳 

The true foreign intervention.

Pakistan: Farmers drum up, set fires to chase away swarms of locusts in Jhang

The swarm started on Monday night, their intensity were in the billions, with a length of 10-15 kilometres and width 2-5 Kim’s, when they came.we had two nights where we had to run operations all night, the way the locusts work is they travel all day and around evening time till next day morning they sit and feed. 

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Could reproduce and grow 500 fold by June 2030.